2013 President Yasuyuki Tanahashi Greetings

Our slogan for 2013
Let us aim to realize an ideal form by the power of creativity!!
The realization of the City of Gifu as a city that can captivate the world.


2013 President Yasuyuki Tanahashi Greetings

 The Gifu Junior Chamber, is an organization for youth to foster the "economic man". With the objective of realizing "a bright and affluent society" in the regions with Gifu as its center, it pushes forward the activities to "promote human resources and town planning". Its policy recommendation is to be directly engaged in the efforts in all kinds of fields, as seen in the cultivation of leadership, youth development and the activation of city center development etc., all toward the creation of an enduring prosperity for the urban areas.

 During this fiscal year, we hoist the slogan, one that is based on our new urban planning campaign, to realize "Gifu as the symbiosis city of nature, industries and community, one that can boast to the world of harmony among man". With "the creation of an environment of cooperation and self-reliance" as our campaign policy, we will push forward with our activities toward the realization of that vision.

 With our citizens as subjects, not only do we seize and act upon the logical and analytical essence of the challenges of our regions, but to also confront what has been occurring in our regions, to engage in communication with their residents, so as to arrive at an understanding both intuitively and realistically. Moreover, envisioning the beautiful ideal that could endure for the benefit of the citizens in all kinds of situations, we hold in common with the latter the passion to realize, to create new values as in the setting up of something captivating, a mechanism to exploit the resources that are dormant in our regions.

 With the power of "creativity" inherent in these two practical processes as our theme, what will be achieved will be the first step in the opening up of a bright future for Gifu.

 For the last 61 years since our founding, we have been able to carry out our activities. For this, we are deeply indebted to your understanding and cooperation. Thank you everyone in the administration and in the various organizations, as well as the residents in our regions. Thank you all for having supported us in our activities. With the insight and the responsibility of an actor in reforms, I will forge ahead with you toward the realization of "a bright and affluent society".

 Once again during this fiscal year, I am counting on your continued cooperation and support for the activities of the Gifu Junior Chamber.