2014 President Tatsuaki Okamoto Greetings

Our slogan for 2014
Let's take up the challenge to the future! Gifu, the city all join in creating.
Now is the time for publicity about its shining transformation!!


2014 President Tatsuaki Okamoto Greetings

 The Gifu Junior Chamber is a group of junior businesspersons promoting a movement for "human and community development" with a view to building a bright and enriched society in the area centered around the city of Gifu. We are taking proactive initiatives in various fields including policy-making proposals, leadership development, projects to nurture the growth of youth, and revitalization of central business districts, in order to create communities that are continuously lively and vibrant.

 This fiscal year, we are posting a vision for our community development campaign under the watchwords "Gifu, a city harmonizing nature, industry, and community life - a spirit of 'wa' (harmony) we can boast to the whole world!" We are going to take steps to make this vision a reality in line with our activity policy of "setting in motion a cycle of collaboration and self-sufficiency."

 Today, when citizens in Japan have begun to pursue activities on their own initiative, our next task is to transform Gifu into a community endowed with high levels of individuality and appeal even in the worldwide context. To do so, we must take up the challenge of community development that will usher in Gifu's future, with an enthusiastic determination to design tomorrow's Gifu through a combination of free conception and powers of resolute action. Citizens taking action as principals must join hands with various groups and companies in collaboration to bring issues confronting the area to solution by making effective use of their respective skills and experience. This will serve to foster the growth of action-minded citizens who shine and take the initiative as principals of their community. This harmonious movement by proactive citizens will resolve community issues and thereby enable Gifu to recover its shine.

 This year is the 63rd since the establishment of the Gifu Junior Chamber. We realize that our activities over the many intervening years would not have been possible without the understanding and cooperation of the public administrative authorities, various other groups, the citizens, and our seniors and predecessors. We are deeply grateful to all concerned parties in the Gifu area for their support, which has allowed us to remain active. We are committed to striving for the emergence of a "bright and enriched society" with an awareness of our mission and sense of responsibility as an active force of change.

 This fiscal year as well, we are eagerly looking forward to your continued support for and cooperation with the activities of the Gifu Junior Chamber.